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The burglaries were reported in the city's Oakmont community and detectives used surveillance video and other leads to identify Russell Blystone as a person of interest, police said. When Blystone was stopped March 2 for a vehicle code violation the officer spotted narcotics in the vehicle and a subsequent search turned up items stolen in one of the Oakmont burglaries, police said. Blystone was booked into the Sonoma County Jail for possession of suspected methamphetamine and stolen property.

Detectives then served several search warrants for Blystone's vehicle and residence, locating items from all four Oakmont burglaries as well as items from other burglaries around Sonoma County, police said. Petaluma police took Blystone into custody for the warrant during a traffic stop on Thursday. He was booked into the Sonoma County Jail for violations that included possession of stolen property, theft by access card, burglary, and unauthorized possession of personal information of more than 10 people.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information about the case is encouraged to contact police through the online tips page, www. Hard Freeze Warning.

Freeze Warning.It was a long day for Jimmy Garoppolo against the Cardinals. First, the blocked punt in the first quarter. That should virtually never happen to a competent, professional football team. Teams go a full year without getting a punt blocked. The protection was lackadaisical at best. The 49ers missed their pickups, leaving slender defensive back Dontae Johnson to be steamrolled by two rushers up the middle.

But it was also important when it happened. The 49ers were up Garoppolo was for yards and a TD. The running game was rolling. It all looked good. The blocked punt turned everything upside down.

The Cardinals recovered the ball deep in 49ers territory and scored immediately, making it It was literally a whole new ball game.

Second, the play, yard Arizona drive at the end of the third quarter and start of the fourth. The 49ers defense not only could not get Arizona off the field, but they also gifted the Cardinals with free first downs. Taking over at his own six, Kyler Murray had trouble getting it out of there. Facing third and ten, he was forced to throw the ball away so wildly that the 49ers tried to make a case for intentional grounding.

First down. Later, Murray faced second and He ran for a modest gain. But Kerry Hyder was called for a late hit on Murray on the ground. And then, looking at third and 11, Murray overthrew his receiver.

Players started to walk off the field. But wait. Emmanuel Mosley was called for holding. Soon thereafter Murray took off on a swerving, darting run for a touchdown to make it Arizona. And finally, your Super Bowl nightmare revisited. It is easy to forget that the 49ers came back and took the lead again in the fourth quarter. Garoppolo took them the length of the field, helped by a nice long throw to Kyle Juszczyk and a very fortunate pass interference call.

But having done that, and taken a lead, the Niners gave it back. On third and six, the 49ers let DeAndre Hopkins take a stroll through an empty space in pass coverage. A blown coverage at a critical point at the end of the game?

Where in the name of Patrick Mahomes have we seen that before? At that point, it became hey-Jimmy-can-you-bail-us-out-here?

Could he put together one more last minute, game-winning drive? Garoppolo was throwing high all game. Kittle was left exposed reaching for a high ball and took a nasty shot to the knee. Others had the same experience.Emmanuel Sanders became the first 49ers player to throw for a TD and catch a score in a game — and he did it in the first 21 minutes.

Well, that was humbling. Jones, led to a two-play, yard TD drive in the third quarter. Harris had a yard kickoff return, a yard punt runback and totaled yards on seven runbacks.

santa rosa 49ers

The 49ers also had two holding penalties on punts: D. Reed was flagged on a return and Marcell Harris was penalized in punt coverage. Robbie Gould delivered a yard game-winning field goal, which was preceded by a clutch yarder with left. Sanders threw his TD pass on a double-lateral play that left Raheem Mostert wide open for a yard score. And Mostert had an yard run that set up a TD, one play after he received an option pitch from fullback Kyle Juszczyk on a 3rd-and The 49ers are probably beyond proving themselves, but all the same, they did show they can win when their smothering defense takes a Sunday off.

Most Popular. Defense Well, that was humbling. Coaching More for you. Top of the News. Podcast The Doodler: A serial killer who sketched his gay victims. We set out to They ordered the Bay Area to shut down. Then came the hard part. Lawmaker wants license-plate readers to help catch motorists who speed.Kyle Juszczyk, an economics major at Harvard, will continue to earn more than most of his Crimson classmates. Looking forward to showing that the juice is always worth the squeeze.

Shanahan prizes versatile offensive players. Juszczyk often lines up at running back, slot receiver and tight end. Last year, he took a snap at quarterback and converted a successful sneak on 3rd-and-1 in win against the Cardinals in December. Kyle has helped to establish a standard for our team on the field, in the locker room and in the community. In fact, a day after the regular-season finale, Juszczyk became choked up when speaking with reporters about his uncertain future.

However, Juszczyk had spoken with Shanahan during the season about their mutual interest in continuing their partnership. Juszczyk was expected to be pursued by the Jets if he reached the open market. And that was largely strongly suggested late Saturday night that an agreement in principle had been reached. Lynch, in a tweet he sent at p. Email: ebranch sfchronicle. Most Popular. More for you. Top of the News. Podcast The Doodler: A serial killer who sketched his gay victims. We set out to They ordered the Bay Area to shut down.

Then came the hard part. Lawmaker wants license-plate readers to help catch motorists who speed.You can be excited about going to the playoffs. Or excited to start the season. But if you are thrilled that it is over, it must have been a real downer. And it was. If the season was a rocket ride to…. At kickoff, we had the floundering, Niners, losers of the last three in a row, and defeated in six of the previous seven.

santa rosa 49ers

They were on a month-long camping trip to Arizona. They had so many injuries the team bus is an ambulance. They were dis-invited to the playoffs last week. They were basically playing for…. By now it almost seems cruel to keep running Nick Mullens out there as the 49ers quarterback. He is cooperative and honest in interviews. Win or go home. Check with the coach. You know the calculation. Ten wins is a perfectly acceptable total for an invitation to the playoffs.

To get…. Super Bowl participants are supposed to roar out of the gate the next year, establish themselves as one of the favorites and then expect to do some damage in the playoffs. Instead, the Niners lost the opener to Arizona and have been on a frustrating quest to get to. It has begun to….

There’s plenty of blame for the 49ers’ loss. So let’s get started

It keeps popping up. And listed, week after week, are the hard-luck, much injured, losers-of-three-in-a-row 49ers. Do they really have a chance to make the playoffs?

And probably no. It is true…. With the bye week, they will have time to heal up, take a break, and re-commit to the season…. It turns out the 49ers did get a win last week after all. Earlier we told you about the efforts by 49ers owner Jed York to vote in team-friendly candidates to the Santa Clara city council.

One of the charming qualities of sports is magical thinking. It is the idea that a team with pluck, grit and gumption can overcome a more talented team on sheer will and want-to. In a way maybe the loss to Seattle was for the best. You know what would have happened if the 49ers had pulled off the upset and beaten the Seahawks. Irrational exuberance. We saw it after the back to back wins over the Rams and the Patriots. The playoffs are not out of reach. Instead, they went to Seattle,….In 2007, a distribution deal was arranged with Paramount Home Entertainment.

As a result, BET heavily censors suggestive content from the videos that it airs, often with entire verses and scenes removed from certain rap videos. The BET website streamed the funeral live, while the channel periodically broadcast taped, 60-second reports from the funeral by senior news correspondent Andre Showell. Michael Lewellen, BET's senior vice president for corporate communications, defended the decision: "We weighed a number of different options.

In the end, we chose to offer a different kind of experience for BET viewers. Coates and his organization Enough is Enough led protests every weekend outside the residences of BET executives against what they claim are negative stereotypes of black people perpetuated by BET music videos.

I suggest to my kids that they don't watch it," she said.

santa rosa 49ers

We had public affairs programming. I had a show called Teen Summit, we had a large variety of programming, but the problem is that then the video revolution started up. And then something started happening, and I didn't like it at all.

And I remember during those days we would sit up and watch these videos and decide which ones were going on and which ones were not. We got a lot of backlash from recording artists. I didn't like the way women were being portrayed in these videos. The program contained mature content, including highly sexualized imagery.

Because of its content, the show was rated TV-MA and accompanied by an on-air message stating that it is not suitable for children under the age of 17. The show aired on Wednesdays through Fridays at 3 a. Though some of the videos were from well-known hip hop artists, most were from lesser-known artists, and the production value of the videos was often quite poor.

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Santa Rosa man arrested in connection to string of burglaries

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santa rosa 49ers

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